William Tell Finale

Today the 1st graders got to experience musical form through guided listening activities and the Finale from William Tell. We learned about the legend of William Tell in Switzerland (and checked out photos of Switzerland from Ms. Smith's trip there this summer) and how shot an apple off of Gessler's head with his bow and arrow!!! We learned about the orchestra, conductors, introduction, interlude, and coda. We had a chance to play shaker eggs, jingle bells, and hand drums as well as represent the form through various actions using the parachute.

Check out the YouTube channel for the videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13fxo6odSmNjY2nW9LwKvg

We kind of forgot the ending with the parachute as we only had time to go through the song once, so hopefully next week we can try it again and get a better video to share with you!!!

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